My Google/SERP Algorithm Theory

So after coming back from BrightonSEO in April I came up with this theory in my head on the 3 hour journey back!

Before people jump on the hate wagon and slate me this idea is now 3 months old and was written how it is below with no extra pieces been added.

What if Google was building a non link based algorithm?

So while at #brightonSEO yesterday a lot of discussions focused more on the user and not Google or any other search engine, one talk in particular for me was the one presented by Tim Grice from Branded 3 on Engagement & Brand Awareness.

Tim boldly […] Read more

2014 #BrightonSEO Interview with SEO Speakers from Brighton SEO

So recently I have being looking into who was planned to speak at this year’s 2014 BrightonSEO conference and decided I might as well make a nice post out of it.

I started emailing around all the people who are planned to present with a simple question on how they thought SEO was going to change in 2014, now not everyone responded in time and some people decided to opt out which is fine.

I fully appreciate everyone is busy, however I still managed to build up a pretty good repose from the conference speakers at Brighton.

Check them out below. I’d also […] Read more

Paul Delaney

I have another great treat in store for you today as I managed to persuade Paul Delaney from MEC Manchester to be interview for my blog on how to progress further in the SEO industry.

So Paul give us a quick background on your current career, I currently work as an SEO Account Director across a number of large clients in the finance, technology and travel sectors in Manchester.

Thanks for this Paul so how did you progress and land your current role?

After working in house at a travel agency for over 9 years as the online director we employed an agency to […] Read more

SEO Interview with Krystian Szastok

As some of you might know Krystian Szastok is very well known within the SEO industry and works for Jellyfish as a Senior SEO Manager.

As part of my interview and tips I want to share with Junior SEO executives I decided to interview Krystain about his experience and find out how he thinks younger more junior people could progress.

So much like before I asked 6 simple questions and here are the answers provided by Krystian.

So Krystian as you know a lot of people are interested to find out how you got into your current role?

First I was working full time […] Read more

Iain Calvert Interview on SEO & How to Progress

So I managed to quick grab a chat with Iain Calvert who works at Reload Media last week about SEO and how he thinks Technical SEO’rs should be progressing.

A little bit about Iain

Originally from the Northampton, England, now residing in Brisbane, Australia, he first got involved with SEO in 2002 and has worked both agency and inhouse. In his current position he runs the SEO & Content teams at Reload Media an Australian digital marketing agency


The best advice I can give to a junior SEO is understand the core concepts of SEO and develop strategies and tactics around these. This […] Read more

Learning SEO in the new 2014 Era

As continual development of helping more junior SEO’ers and people looking to get into the industry I have created a sort of all you can digest learning SEO document which should help everyone find out where to start learning the basics of digital marketing.

I cannot stress this enough that SEO is all about testing, the best way to learn for me has been by testing and understanding. If your serious about learning SEO my first point of call would be to register a domain most people get there name and then id buy some hosting and install WordPress.

*I am not […] Read more

Interview with Ben Barker SEO @ FireCask

As you know I have being conducting some interviews recently and this week i caught up with Ben Barker who heads up the SEO at FireCask, I am aiming to help as many Junior SEO executives as possible this year so I hope these interviews continue to be of use to everyone.

So Ben how did you grow and get into your current role?

 Initially, i spent around 2 hours per evening for around 3 to 4 months reading as many blogs as i could. I made sure to break it down in to specifics so i wasn’t over loading myself with […] Read more

Matthew Taylor from 31 Marketing Interview

Well it’s that time of the week again where I get to interview a respected Digital Marketing enthusiast, this week we have Matthew Taylor who runs a small Digital Marketing agency in Oxford called 31 Digital Marketing.

This week’s interview is going to be slightly different and will cover off why Matthew decided to run his own agency, hopefully this will help for anyone who is looking to take the step of becoming a freelance SEO.

Matthew Taylor


So Matthew why did you go Freelance?

I don’t really consider myself freelance. Although it is just me at the moment, it is just the […] Read more

Interview with George Musson

So recently I have  being trying to get some more insight into how Senior SEO staff think people below them and just starting out in the Digital industry can progress further with there career.

I started off by reaching out to some Senior SEO guys on Twitter and asked if they would minded being interviewed, thankfully for me George Musson from Adtrak answered my tweet and so I have my first Senior SEO interview ready.

I asked 5 simple questions about there career and any tips they could give some junior marketing people, I also gave them the chance to add in some […] Read more

Goals of 2014 – What I want to Achieve?

So over the last year my life has changed quite a lot in terms of health and relationships. Although 2013 wasn’t the worst year it certainly wasn’t the best with me been diagnosed with Cancer and leaving a 3year relationship weeks before I was due to be married.

Onto pastures new and all of that and with the start of 2014 I thought it would be a good time to add in some goals for this year which I hope to be able to achieve.

Attend More Events!

I’d love to attend some more events within 2014, and start putting some faces to […] Read more