Conducting Effective Keyword Research

Being able to conduct Effective Keyword Research can be key to ensuring your website gets the best chance of being found for good converting keywords which will bring you in sales. There are two variations of keywords which will be bought up in this article and they are listed below.

Short/Direct keywords –These keywords usually have a lot of traffic but might not convert much as they are not what is more commonly known as a sales keyword. People searching for say “cars” might be looking for anything and might not want a car.

Long Tail keywords – These keywords are better for converting traffic and usually a lot easy to target as they have smaller monthly traffic, these sort of keywords tend to be over three words long for example “ Honda Jazz for Sale Coventry” this could be a good converting keyword for a Honda Garage.

It is always good to have some direct keywords and some long tail keywords within your list as this will help you get a good range of traffic for your website and will ensure you have the best chances of converting traffic and making sales for your website.

Before you go out and make a list of thousands of keywords you need to ensure your site can answer there question to ensure you close the sale this can be a difficult thing to ensure but is very important as this will also help reduce your bounce rate.

In a recent study it has being shown that over 65% of all search queries that come into any given website are long tail and less than 30% come from short tail keywords, surprisingly a lot of people still believe that short tail keywords is where the money is.  To begin developing your keyword list you will need to have at least half a day spare and you will need to have some basic tools which I use, these tools are all free and will help your keyword list grow.


The basic tools which will help you develop a good keyword list which generates high value keywords are as follows –

These are all free tools but it can be more beneficial if you an account with Google as this will allow a more detailed list.

Firstly start by making a small list of what you believe your website is about for example “SEO” this will give you a good starting  point and allow you to do some more effective research based on these keywords, now you have your small list copy and pat it into Google Adwords Keyword Tool this should now return a range of suggestions which will increase your keyword list dramatically.

Now the hard work you have a list of say 100+ keyword suggestions which you believe would be perfect for your website, well hold on speedy because its not over yet, to be in with a good chance of ranking for some high value keywords you will need to also ensure there are not too many competitors also ranking for that keyword so begin by taking your list and placing it into adwords.

We are looking for keywords which have no more than say 30,000 competing websites in that sector this will ensure you have a good chance of being able to target these keywords effectively. Once this has being done we will have a strong keyword list which will allow us to make on page SEO changes and create some strong content which targets those keywords.

The end result really is to have a strong list of about 15-20 keywords and then a list which are still valuable but are more long tail this is the key to ensure you have a good chance of making your website make a good ROI for you.

If you have any questions please just ask and I will do my best to offer some advice, I also found the below video to be very useful when looking to conduct Effective Keyword Research.

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