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  • Stratford Upon Avon SEO Executive

    Online Marketing Assistant

    Working for CALGAVIN I helped developed an online marketing strategy as well as working on content and link building for the corporate website.

  • SEO Executive (6 Month Temp Contract)

    I worked as an SEO Executive for about 6 months working with the online marketing team to create solid link building campaigns for clients of the digital agency.

  • SEO Consultant

    Working freelance to support my income while out of work I helped various clients around Stratford upon Avon create websites and marketing plans to increase business and sales.

  • Junior Digital Marketing Assistant (Stratford upon Avon)

    Working for DCS Europe I helped create a range of online magazines to promote products along with working on over 12 corporate websites, adding products and updating content to help make the websites friendly to Google.

    SEO Consultant

    Working freelance I helped small companies around the Stratford area create small online marketing plans which would help there company be seen online for years to come.

  • Online Website Marketing Assistant (6 Month Temp Contract)

    I helped created content and a small community online to promote the Corporate Gifts company which resulted in them being number.1 for the term “Corporate Gifts”

  • Website & Events Assistant (6 Month Temp Contract)

    Working as a website and events assistant I helped create various events and marketing plans to help the small suit company promote online and also increased sales via eBay.

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