Is this the thing we have all being looking for?

For so long we have had to make changes to passwords or usernames to ensure they are secure and we are safe from hackers but now it seems we might not have to worry. A new service has recently launched called OneID Inc.

The idea in a nut shell is to allow users to have one central point to log in to a range of services,  good idea or a hackers dream come true.

There are some features we can be sure to reassure people that OneID has being reported to have no centralized data storage which will make it a lot harder for Hackers t get in and steal your all important details.

The new start up which was launched in Silicon Valley looks like a good one with some people people running the project it could set to be one of the fastest growing stat ups in 2012. The idea and thoughts behind the system are simple.

Username and Passwords have been around for years and have become more increasingly easy for hackers to gain entry and steal your information, the new system is set to use a name of systems including asymmetric cryptography that will work to identify a user using various electronics devices including your computer, mobile phone or a tablet device.

The below is a simple view of how OneID will work and help not only make your life easier when it comes to remembering passwords but also make sure your details and security information is well secure.

“The Device simple verifies users details using the active device and a control device which can be set at the choice of the user, for people on the go the best solutions would be to use a mobile phone. The active device is what the user is going to be using to access a login so this could be a tablet or indeed your office computer.

Users simply click the OneID icon, the active device will then send a verification to your control device the user will have to verify the login on the control device from here the active device is granted access and the login will be displayed.

Users can manage all devices by the information which is stored in OneID, websites that opt to use the OneID system will store a range of verification codes, which are of no use to hackers because these codes do not contain any sort of personal information.

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