Learning SEO in the new 2014 Era

As continual development of helping more junior SEO’ers and people looking to get into the industry I have created a sort of all you can digest learning SEO document which should help everyone find out where to start learning the basics of digital marketing.

I cannot stress this enough that SEO is all about testing, the best way to learn for me has been by testing and understanding. If your serious about learning SEO my first point of call would be to register a domain most people get there name and then id buy some hosting and install WordPress.

*I am not […] Read more

5 Unique Blogging ideas for E-commerce stores

 Blogging is an incredibly important part of running an online business. Blogs are now the focal point when it comes to getting How-To guides, top tips and opinions. There are some great examples out there, but that certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t some terrible ones too!

The typical route that most business bloggers will take is filling their blog with unnecessary content.

You are selling sweets; but do potential consumers really want to read posts explaining the difference between lollipops and chewing gum? You are selling hand crafted wooden furniture; but do potential consumers want to read about what a wooden chair […] Read more

Round up of how to learn SEO

The below is a small round up of some of the best SEO beginners guides around. Published by various industry experts, the below show some unique ways you can go about learning more about the art of SEO and online marketing.

Please feel free to comment with any other ways you know of how people starting out in SEO can begin to learn more.

Learn SEO today!

We also have the “Beginners guide to SEO” by SEOMoz.

1)      Koozai’s 97 Ways to Learn SEO

This simple infographic gives you over 95 ways to easily learn about SEO. The information gained in the infographic […] Read more

On-page SEO, is it purely Quality Control

The world of SEO, as we know and love has changed so much over the last few years. We have new things like Schema.Org to play with. We also have Panda and Penguin to overcome.

A lot of changes are coming into the game for on-page SEO, a lot more people are being led to believe there are special things you can do to improve your on-page SEO. But wait has SEO really changed or is it just a case of quality control?

The below shows some ideas on not only how you can optimise your website for on-page SEO but also […] Read more

Conducting Effective Keyword Research

Being able to conduct Effective Keyword Research can be key to ensuring your website gets the best chance of being found for good converting keywords which will bring you in sales. There are two variations of keywords which will be bought up in this article and they are listed below.

Short/Direct keywords –These keywords usually have a lot of traffic but might not convert much as they are not what is more commonly known as a sales keyword. People searching for say “cars” might be looking for anything and might not want a car.

Long Tail keywords – These keywords are better for […] Read more