What is SEO & How can it help your business?

Since re-designing my new website I have decided my next challenge will be to help as many companies as possible with online marketing around the Warwickshire area. The biggest issue I have found is a lot of companies still don’t fully understand what SEO is and how it can help their business.

I’ve decided to create a small post which hopefully will outline what SEO is and how it can help your business. SEO is an acronym which is short for Search Engine Optimisation which is a method of marketing your website in organic results within Google & Bing and other […] Read more

Rand Fishkin Interview from Moz

Well today I have a special interview, I managed to persuade Rand from Moz to let me interview him about starting out in Search and how younger people can progress and learn.

How did you learn & develop to gain your current position?

“I’m primarily self-taught. When I started in the web marketing field in 2001, there were very few resources and only a small community so we all learned together through testing, sharing, and writing about our experiences on blogs & forums.

Over time, I became a better marketer and SEO, and then, in 2007, when Moz took our first external funding […] Read more

Interview with Matthew Shaw

I decided to continue my SEO interviews and have decided to interview Matt Shaw fro Blue Logic  I followed the same format as before asking how Matt got started in SEO and how he thinks younger search people can get involved.

How did you learn & develop to gain your current position?

“I started out as a link builder in a company during my placement year of my degree. I learnt from a well known SEO (who shall not be named) on what to do and certainly what not to do.

After finishing my degree in Accounting I got back into SEO and found […] Read more

Learning SEO in the new 2014 Era

As continual development of helping more junior SEO’ers and people looking to get into the industry I have created a sort of all you can digest learning SEO document which should help everyone find out where to start learning the basics of digital marketing.

I cannot stress this enough that SEO is all about testing, the best way to learn for me has been by testing and understanding. If your serious about learning SEO my first point of call would be to register a domain most people get there name and then id buy some hosting and install WordPress.

*I am not […] Read more

Local SEO Part 1: Keyword Research

As we know Local SEO has become a huge part of any marketing campaign, one of the hardest parts of creating your local SEO campaign can be deciding on what keyword to Target for your website and how to implement them throughout your website. Google now targets users based on there location (you don’t have to be logged in) this means it can be even more important to ensure you are targeting your website for the right terms.

The below screen shot shows a simple search done for just SEO and that Google has detected that I am in the local […] Read more

The Basics to Understanding Local SEO

Local SEO has become one of the best ways for small companies to promote online and generate new sales for their business. We have seen a huge shift in 2013 with the way users and Google delivers search queries when it comes to local content.

I am to help as many local small companies around the Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire area.

I like to give small companies the best chance of being able to market their own business and use basic SEO to help promote their company online.

Local SEO isn’t as complex as a full blown SEO campaign in […] Read more

Local SEO Tips for Small Coventry Businesses

So today I am going to be looking into how small companies around the Coventry area can promote online. These simple SEO tips will help you target your company more local than ever before.

So firstly with any SEO campaign the most important aspect to get 100% is the on page SEO for your website this could include any of the below.

On Page SEO

Local Optimisation on content
Title Tags
Meta Description
Heading Tags
Image Optimisation
Location Pages

Once you have targeted your pages to your locations then you can look at developing the next sections of your website to be more targeted to your location and the […] Read more

In Stratford? Run a Small Business? You need to attend this event..

I have being trying to help companies of all sizes around the Stratford upon Avon and Warwickshire with their online marketing and SEO recently. Mainly since the collapse of Jessops (before it was bought) and also HMV, I’ve being trying to get local people to understand that more customers are now buying online.

Following on from various discussions with small companies around the Stratford upon Avon area I have decided to launch a small conference which will be free for anyone who wishes to attend.

The event will cover the basics of marketing and how almost anyone can get online in a […] Read more

Local Citations replacing traditional Link Building

Understanding how you can promote and boost your website is one thing but actually being able to put these skills into practice is even harder. If you’re just starting out or even if you have a developed website you need to ensure you have a well-developed and thought out online marketing strategy.

Trying to promote your website without a strategy simply won’t work. You need to know where your customers are coming from and what sort of content they are looking for. This will help you develop a strategy which hits potential customers in the face every time.

By understanding why you […] Read more

How to learn SEO throughout 2013

SEO is forever changing and for the people who don’t have a good agency or mentor behind them it can be tough business trying to learn all the new aspects of SEO.  I am going to list some simple ways you can look at continuing to learn SEO throughout 2013.

Remember one of the very best ways anyone in the industry can learn is by hands on testing and research.  My first port of call for anyone looking to learn would be to buy a domain and hosting and get a test site up to test new ideas & theories.

The following […] Read more