May’s Link Building Suggestions

During the coming months I am going to be compiling a small blog post once a month containing my favourite link building tips and tools for that month. This month I will be highlighting the best link building suggestions I have found this month and how they can help you develop a stronger link building campaign.

Method 1: Ask for a Link

Running an online website can have some benefits one of these is the function to send out sign up activations and newsletters. Get to the point why not ask for a link from people who have signed up to your newsletter or activated an account on your website?

They like your content and your website or they wouldn’t have signed up so now it’s time to ask for a link, when sending out an email just ask if they would like back to you or share you with their customers. It really is that simple and that basic yet so many people have never tried this method.

Method 2: Broken Content Link Building

This might sound strange but bare with me, start by taking a list of say 5-10 blogs which you know are ranking for your chosen keywords. You want to make sure the blog has some authority and some sort of audience no matter how small or large.

Now take your results into Screaming Frog, you’re looking to see if there are any broken links within the blogs you have found. Start to put all of the broken links into a Spreadsheet as this will give you the first step for this method.

Following on from this you will want to sort the broken links by page authority so you can see which pages are more important for you to focus your efforts onto.  Now take the URL and place it into a site called Way Back Machine, this site will show you what previously was shown on the domain.  The idea is to re-create the blog post or content which has since been lost and make it more compelling and interactive with the user.

Finally once you have created all of your new content and added images and videos you can post it out to various social media websites and email everyone linking to the old broken URL and see if they will change the URL to point to your new post.

The process can take quite a long time but can be very effective in trying to create something your completion doesn’t have.

Method 3: Interviews

Now this isn’t something new however it is becoming more important and I am increasingly finding myself reading interviews which include industry figures. Research into figures who you think are influential around the industry and contact them to see if you could conduct an interview.

Think about it carefully and choose a range of questions which will not only help you learn and develop your skills but also help other people in the same industry as you, this in turn will hopefully result in a link from them to your interview.

Method 4: Data Visualisation

I love reading new industry news and topics, however time can be tight sometimes and I find it easier to read information through images and videos. This should be something you should look into whether its videos or images or even infographics create something which can tell a story and is creative. I guarantee it will get linked to and shared around social networks with little push from you.

Method 5: Frequently Asked Questions

This is done by most websites, but what happens when you still have a question you need answering and it’s not supplied?  Well if you’re like me you will simple Google the question and this is where you could be earning some great links.

Look around the web find some questions relating to your industry and then answer them in-depth via your blog, go back and tell the user what you have done and the rest will work itself out. This can be a really powerful way to build links while creating new relationships with potential customers.


I realise not all of the above tips are new to some people however these are listed because I have found them useful within the last month on various SEO campaigns I have been working on.  I would love to hear any other suggestions you might have or even if you would like some more information on the methods listed above. I look forward to seeing you for next month’s link building suggestions.



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