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Rapid FX Personal Training & Gym – Recommendation

March 21, 2012 by in category Misc with 0 and 0
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As many of you know I currently train at Rapid FX fitness in the Cotswolds area and I thought I would make a small recommendation, although this isn’t directly related to my SEO and marketing services this might be of some interest to some of my readers.

Rapid FX Personal Fitness Cotswolds

During the last year I joined a local gym called RapidFX who are based in Draycott when I first joined it was with the intention like most things to see how it goes and then go from there but shortly after joining RapidFX I found it to be like no other Gym I had ever used it was friendly and very useful.

Tim Spittle who is the owner of RapidFX has years of experience in Personal Training and can offer very helpful advice on all sorts of diet plans and training plans depending on your goal.

I would highly recommend RapidFX to anyone looking to join a local, friendly and helpful gym

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