Google Analytics Exam Tips & Cheat Sheet

So recently I have being trying to get my Google Analytics skills up to scratch so I can sit the exam and become qualified. I know there are 100’s of guides and tip sheets all over the web but I actually found it a lot easier to make my own notes.

The below are some useful guides which will give you additional help when you’re looking at studying for your exam.

Useful resources to have opened while you’re taking the exam

Google Analytics IQ Centre

Webimax Guide

Google Analytics Advice

Google Analytics Support

SEOMoz Analytics Guide

Regex Cheat Sheet

Working with report data

Annotations – useful when seeing if an […] Read more

A simple 10 Step Guide to SEO

I decided to strip this post back to basics as I like to try and help as many people as I can, knowing not everyone is on the same level I have decided to create a small basic post on SEO and some simple tactics you could put in place to help your SEO and your website.

Please keep in mind there is no quick fix when it comes to SEO and nothing will see you have an instant page 1 result it takes time, effort and a lot of hard work.

1)      Title Tags

This is a simple step which anyone can […] Read more