The Future of SEO

The future of SEO for me is a very grey area no one really knows how search engines will change and the future of search however I do have some ideas of how I think SEO will change within the future.

Firstly for me I think BING will become a much bigger player within the coming years as Google keeps making small mistakes and looses small market share I feel Bing will make a play and take a large section of the market and start to become the new Google. I personally think by 2015 Bing will be the biggest search engine and Google will have a much smaller market share.

The next thing I think will become is important and always has being is content, I think over the next coming months content will become more and more important forcing more and more people to learn the industry more and find out more about the content and products they are writing about.

A lot of people talk about content like it is a new feature in SEO however for me it has always being about providing users with relevant and useful content or products which will help solve or improve a problem.

I believe in the past, I have got a funny feeling that META description tags could play a bigger part in SEO over the coming years and this will mean a lot of sites will again have to review all the tags they have in place.

I have a small feeling that social metrics and networks are going to become something you can no longer avoid and you have to be on these sites. I think social sites will become something every company has to have to be able to compete in Google & Bing effectively.

Multi Platform SEO this for me is going to be the biggest change over the next 6 months with more and more people including myself having to learn how to effectively optimise a website for mobile and tablet devices to ensure you can target all markets.

The final thing I believe is going to become more important is links, although it has always been very important I think that times are changing and now it could be much more beneficial to have 1 high quality backlink which is relevant than 50 lower links I think this metric is going to change the way link building is carried out.

So there you have it my predictions for the future of SEO


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