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Increase revenue with a dedicated BigCommerce SEO Consultant
An introduction to my

Next to Shopify, BigCommerce is the largest ecommerce platform making it easier for anyone to start and grow an online store. While these platforms might make it simpler, it’s still complicated to navigate the SEO side of getting people into your store and out with a purchase. 

I’m an expert BigCommerce SEO consultant with years of experience helping ecommerce professionals take their stores to the next level. I help optimise your BigCommerce store so you can increase the visibility of your products. 

It doesn’t stop there. Once someone lands in your store, how do you get them to purchase something, and how do you increase the average order value? By optimising your store, using the right keywords, and properly positioning social proof and trust factors, we can increase your sales. 

I have a combined 15+ years of eCommerce and SEO experience to help consult your BigCommerce store so you can get the results you’ve always wanted. 

Increased Visibility 

SEO revolves around organic traffic, and using the proper search terms in the right place adds fuel to the fire. I will ensure that more people not only see your store, but they click through to check out your products as well. 

Find Your Ideal Customers 

It’s one thing to get customers into the store, but it’s another thing to have the right customers. Through the use of proper keyword research, I can target the perfect audience so you can increase the conversion rate of your traffic and get them to purchase more per visit. 

Increase Ecommerce Revenue 

The right strategy is the foundation of every success story, and it’s essential that you have the right person working with you. Together, I can take your revenue and sales to the next level by combining strategy, knowledge, and expertise.

Bigcommerce SEO Services Offered 

The first thing I want to do is take a look at your BigCommerce store as it is right now. I’ll look at your current strategy and see what low hanging fruit we can improve upon right away. This step will get you an initial boost in traffic that we can use to develop the following steps we’ll take over the long-term. 

I’ll create a detailed plan of short-term and long-term goals that we can work towards regarding traffic and revenue. 

From there, I’ll optimise your website using the best and most modern SEO practices to help you succeed. Proper keyword research and usage are essential to increasing your site authority, which always results in more revenue and traffic for your store. 

An area that is important to optimise is your product pages. Most people think that the keywords end at the title of the product, but your descriptions and even your check out page plays a part in the SEO process. 

I develop a full BigCommerce SEO Checklist to ensure that I’ve covered everything and that you’re on the right track towards your desired success. 

Once we have everything complete on-site, we’ll work on one of the most powerful aspects of our BigCommerce SEO services, and that’s our link building. I help you rank higher on Google and develop trust with the algorithm but building strong links that support your website and attract the right audience to your products. 

Title Tags and Meta Description Optimisations

I will look at your title tags and meta descriptions for each page to determine if you’re using the correct search phrases to rank for the highest volume keywords. 

Alt Tags and Image Optimisation

I’ll look at your image tags and provide recommendations and changes to increase traffic using Google image search. 

Technical SEO Optimisations

Your website needs to be SEO optimised from the inside out. The technical SEO aspect will look at each page and determine where improvements are necessary. 

Content Marketing

Ecommerce content is a necessary aspect of driving traffic. This strategy is a great way to drive traffic using long-tail keywords. We can optimise landing pages for the highest volume search terms to drive the maximum amount of organic traffic. 

Long-Term SEO Solutions

Developing a strategy and implementing it isn’t enough to get you ranked on the search engines. You need someone who will maintain a positive relationship with you and work with you going forward. 

Get a Free Bigcommerce SEO Audit

With my free audit, I will take a look at your store as it is and provide you with some insight into what you can do to increase traffic and revenue. This audit is a great introduction to my services, and it allows you to get an idea of what types of changes I would make. 

Over time, new issues may arise, and I can help you solve common and complex SEO problems that BigCommerce may present. The good news is, from an SEO standpoint, BigCommerce is very strong. 

The platform makes it easy to update titles, meta descriptions, headers, and product URLs. You can even create short URLs, which is something you cannot do with Shopify or Squarespace. 

Another factor I pay close attention to is how your store performs on mobile. I do a complete check and continuous updates to ensure that the site operates properly and performs quickly on mobile devices of all types. 


Yes, BigCommerce is a great choice because the service allows you to control a lot of things like title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs. BigCommerce also uses accelerated mobile pages and automatic image size optimisation.

Yes, BigCommerce will tell you things like where your customers came from, the average order value, the phrases they used to find you, and how you acquired them. These are all important things to know when we’re trying to optimise your store.

Services typically start at £499 for a BigCommerce SEO audit, but it depends on your store’s size and the number of pages involved. Contact me today for a free SEO audit and I’ll take a look at everything to see how I can help!