Come See The Ocean Of The Future! (It’s Full Of Plastic)

Come See The Ocean Of The Future! (It’s Full Of Plastic)

What: A new Greepeace PSA warning of the disastrous effects of the truckload of plastic that ends up in our oceans every day.

Who: Greenpeace UK, Ogilvy & Mather UK

Why we care: Last week we saw Sea Shepherd‘s graphic impression of the impact of plastic waste on marine life. Now Greenpeace comes with its own prediction, and it’s free of any ocean animals at all.

There’s a classic ad stunt move in which unknowing participants are promised one thing, they get another, and in their shock and surprise lies the message. We’ve seen it with gun safety, we’ve seen it with abusive relationships, and now we see it at work to raise awareness for the state of our waters.

A group of thoroughly excited school kids are hyped to get inside the aquarium to check out their favorite sea animals, only to be greeted by floating plastic grocery bags, plastic water bottles, soda can rings, and other plastic debris. The message? Every time you use a plastic grocery bag or drink a plastic water bottle, you kill the ocean and make small children sad.JB

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