Empowering urban motorcyclists: how Chevron is meeting the demand for two-wheelers in Asia Pacific

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Empowering urban motorcyclists: how Chevron is meeting the demand for two-wheelers in Asia Pacific


To meet the demand for lubricants, as two-wheels transport like scooters and motorcycles become more popular in Asia Pacific, Chevron launched a campaign called ‘ride strong’ designed around the new Caltex Havoline’s motorcycle oil range.

Chevron, which markets the Caltex brand in APAC, hopes that the campaign will empower urban motorcyclists with reliable, quality engine oil to ride strong and conquer challenges that harsh city traffic can pose.

In addition, it also hopes to amplifies Havoline’s personality on genuine strength and deliver its product value proposition, mark a refreshed look and communicate its complete suite of Caltex Havoline’s motorcycle engine oils.

Speaking to The Drum, Lennard Kwek, marketing manager for APAC at Chevron Lubricants, explained that with urbanisation, the proportion of middle and high-income level consumers is growing as the increased spending power contributes to the purchase of two-wheel vehicles.

“In tandem with the rise of two-wheel rides, demand for lubricants has also increased. This demand is the highest in APAC and is expected to grow to 995 kilotons by 2019, according to Kline’s recently published 2016 Lubricants for motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities, which analyses current and forecast demand by lubricant type, leading countries, and regions,” he added.

The ‘Ride strong’ was created with the help with TBWA\Singapore, which gathered key consumer insights that helped the brand developed a campaign theme that stood out and resonated well with its target audience, according to Kwek.

“It differentiated Havoline and connected with urban riders and their everyday struggles on the road,” he added.

A mix of online and offline media to promote the campaign was employed, with on-ground activation localised for each market. For example, in Vietnam, where a sizeable percentage of known two-wheel riders are students, Chevron conducted university tours and in Philippines, where bike enthusiasts are often part of a larger club, and a series of such meet-ups were hosted at Caltex service stations to reach out directly to this community.

According to Kwek, the company has lined up more localised activities and product promotions in each country to continue the local engagement with its trade partners and customers.