Health is one of the primary concerns in India today, says ITC brand lead

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Health is one of the primary concerns in India today, says ITC brand lead

ITC brand’s Sunfeast Farmlite rolled out an interactive on-ground campaign with the aim to promote healthy lifestyle choices among parents and their children.

As part of the experiential campaign conceptualized by Geometry Compass, parents with their kids in a mall were targeted. Parents could buy exciting gifts for their younger ones, only by paying the assigned price for each gift in the form of calories. A treadmill and cross trainer was placed for parents to take the challenge. 

The Drum spoke with Mayur Chandak, brand manager at ITC to find out the strategy behind the campaign.

He said: "Health is one of the primary concerns in India today. The prevalence of obesity is 12.6% in women and 9.3% in men. In other words, more than a 100 million Indians suffer from obesity. While everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, professional and family commitments don’t allow them the time and luxury to maintain a regular diet and exercise schedule. In fact, only 10% of new gym sign ups go on to become regular members.

"From this statistic dawned in interesting insight. We realised that people need a bigger reason than a good looking body to drive them. We found that reason in the face of their children and loved ones. We urged people to adopt a healthy lifestyle not for themselves, but for their children."

Experiential marketing has become quite popular among brands as it helps them to engage the consumers more. According to Chandak, long gone are the days when people were naïve and gullible enough to be influenced by a celebrity using a product on TV. Nowadays, brands today need to invest more than just money to build loyalty amongst consumers.

He added: "Equity is the new currency and brands are spending it with open hearts today! Of course nothing can substitute the sheer quality of the product, but experiential marketing allows brands to build a deeper emotional connection, which in turn separates them from the competition and earns them their loyalty."

As to what are the advantages of experiential marketing, he emphasizes on how the sheer plethora of products of similar offerings is daunting and confusing for customers. Many a times, people are quite indifferent to brands, especially in functional categories. Experiential marketing offers these indifferent switches and informs consumers equally to form their decision and build brand loyalty

"The experiential marketing sparks conversations, and the nature of a conversation is such that it can go both ways, and sometimes lead into unpleasant controversies," he explained.

Lots of brands are now focusing on social issues and problems. ITC product Savlon recently did a campaign speaking on the importance of hygiene and teaching school kids the importance of hand-washing, to protect them from diseases.

If campaigns which integrate social issues and problems are something which resonates with the target audience nowadays, Chandak, said: "Bringing social issues and problems to light is a responsibility we all share equally. Brands today have the means, resources and reach to put them on a pedestal that’s impossible to ignore and hence it’s a great thing that brands are shifting their focus towards them. 

"The consumers connect emotionally with a social cause in the world of 24×7 interruptive advertising. However, what’s even more important is the intent behind the cause. Every brand has a right to win/speak in certain matters, and it’s important that every brand understands that."