Myspace, which still exists, may be up for sale again

Myspace, which still exists, may be up for sale again

Myspace, which still exists, may be up for sale again

[Image: courtesy of Myspace]

While Facebook has dominated the news for the last decade or so, Myspace is still around. I’m as surprised as you. Though it lost the social network war a long time ago, the website was still supposedly bringing in nearly 50 million visitors a month as recently as 2016.

The online relic has gone through a few owners over the last many years. In 2011, it sold to a company called Viant Technology, which specializes in digital ad technology, for $35 million. (Lest we forget, News Corp bought Myspace for $580 million in 2004.) In 2016, Time Inc. bought Viant, making the magazine publisher the new Myspace owner. With Meredith scooping up Time Inc. last year, it became the new owner of the hot potato-like web property, but now it looks like the social network may be on the market once again.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Meredith is “exploring the possible sale of Viant Technology, the parent of MySpace.” This seems to be part of the publisher’s strategy to unload titles from its current portfolio. The company has plans to sell some of its most well-known magazines, including Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, and Money. All of these publications are quite beloved, so it’s at least hopeful they’ll find a new home.

We’ll have to see who will scoop up Viant–and by extension Myspace–though perhaps now is the time to strike. With Facebook fatigue setting in, maybe people are ready to go back to their old social network ways. More likely, however, Myspace will continue to exist online in relative obscurity no matter who the new Viant buyer is.

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