Raven Spotlight: Turn Website Visits into Sales Calls

Raven Spotlight: Turn Website Visits into Sales Calls


There are three types of visitors who shop on all ecommerce stores: Some visitors come to a website ready to make a purchase, other visitors come to a website and quickly click off as they’re not ready to make a purchase just yet, and finally, there’s a type of visitor that comes to a website with no clear action ready to take. A lot of potential rests within this last type of visitor as often it’s their experience on the ecommerce website that dictates whether they’ll turn into a purchasing customer or not. In this Raven app review, we discuss how the Raven Call Back tool has been designed specifically to target these visitors that have no clear action to take and turn them into purchasing customers.

Raven is a tool created in partnership with A Better Lemonade Stand and built by the same team who brought you the Scout Cart Recovery App (read our full Scout Review here). It’s a resource that helps ecommerce merchants build relationships with customers to foster brand loyalty and turn unsure visitors into purchasing customers.

Let’s jump into what Raven can do to help you convert more customers and grow your business.

What Raven Does

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Raven is a call back request widget that ecommerce merchants can add to the product pages of their store to help increase sales by contacting the right customers at the right time. The moment customers on your product pages get stuck with a question, they can request a call back through the Raven Call Back button, and you’ll get alerted as soon as they do.

The Raven Call Back button helps ecommerce merchants recover potentially lost sales, build brand credibility and customer relationships, so small business merchants can compete against big box stores. When big box stores are treating their customers like transactions, you can be treating them like assets.

Learn more about why Raven could be valuable for your online store in this video:

How Raven Works

Raven App Review Call Actions

Raven is easy to use! And customizable for your store. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: A visitor comes to your site and explores your product pages.
  • Step 2: They see the “Call Back Request” button and if they want to speak to you before making their purchase they can input in their phone number and click the “Call Me Back” button. Merchants also have the option to configure other contact settings such as SMS and Whatsapp.
  • Step 3: Raven alerts you (or your team) through Facebook Messenger and/or email to call, SMS or WhatsApp back the customer, along with which product they were looking at. With one tap, you will be connected to answer their questions and close the sale.

Raven is different from an email subscriber button or widget because customers who are trying to decide whether they need your product now or in the near future want instant attention to their questions. Leaving their email on your website doesn’t give them this and, in fact, visitors know this will just lead to spam/offers/discount/announcement emails, which also doesn’t solve their problem.

It’s also different from live chat buttons because for customers to chat with your agents they need to stay on your website and most live chat windows don’t have active merchants ready to chat immediately. As a merchant, you’re busy with other things so by the time you’re aware of the live chat request or able to chat, the visitor has already left your site.

In both scenarios, the widgets don’t allow the customer to pick their preferred method of communication. Either way they’re just signing up with their email address via subscription newsletter, “Contact Us” forms or live chat windows. With Raven, customers can choose within a set of merchant-allowed channels and get contacted by phone, SMS or WhatsApp.

Why Use Raven

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Like we discussed in the introduction of this article, there are three types of visitors who shop on your ecommerce store: Visitors who are ready to make a purchase, visitors who aren’t ready to make a purchase and visitors who might make a purchase, or they might not. We’ll refer to these as “Yes”, “No” and “Maybe” customers.

Their journey on your website is influenced by which type of customer they are, meaning, each type of customer will take a different action:

  • “Yes” Customers: These customers take a clear action by clicking the “Add to Cart” button and completing the checkout process. They came to your site to make a purchase and they did.
  • “No” Customers: The action that these customers take is to exit out of your website. They might take their time and browse around a few product pages but ultimately, they leave without making a purchase or without even attempting to make a purchase.
  • “Maybe Customers”: These are the types of customers that matter the most to you. The action that these customers take is largely dependant on the experiences they have when browsing on your site. Since they don’t have a clear action – they could make a purchase or they could also not make a purchase, their mind is not made up yet – you can help them take the action you want them to take. Which, in most cases, is making a purchase.

This is where Raven comes in. Many visitors who come to your site are “Maybe” customers who have no clear action that they’re planning to take, so your goal should be to give them every opportunity to turn from a “Maybe” customer into a “Yes” customer. Oftentimes, “Maybe” customers will default into “No” customers because they’re given no other reason to turn into a “Yes” customer, but Raven can help change that.

If you give “Maybe” customers the option to get a call back from a real person, it will often be the driving factor that turns them into a solid “Yes” customer. Getting a call back from a real person can answer any of the questions they had about the product that was causing them to hesitate making a purchase, it can also remind them to revisit your site if you call them back after they’ve left it, and it can help to instill trust and loyalty within your brand if they’re unfamiliar with your company.

So ultimately, Raven is the ideal tool to help ease customer’s concerns and turn any “Maybe” visitors into “Yes” visitors.

Who Raven is For

How to Connect with Raven App

Raven is for small ecommerce businesses that want to have a competitive advantage over big box stores. It can be difficult to compete against the Amazons of the industry, but one thing that can make small businesses competitive against large retailers are customer relationships.

Raven’s goal is to enable those customer relationship building conversations to happen, and it’s designed to bring you highly targeted leads directly to your phone.

For businesses who can handle making multiple customer service calls per week or per day, depending on your traffic and your visitors, then Raven is a good choice for you. For businesses that are quite large and would be fielding upwards of fifty calls per day, you may need to have a team that you can dedicate the calls or messages to.

Keep in mind, however, that Raven Call Backs don’t have to take up too much of your day. Often, just a short, one-on-one conversation with an interested buyer is all you need to answer their questions and win over the customer. Again, this may depend on the specific products that you sell, so take your business’ circumstances into consideration.

Raven’s Features & Services

These are the main features and services that Raven provides:

Request a Call Back

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Give your visitors the option to request a call back to answer their questions or queries about your products. You post the Raven Call Back widget to your product pages and customers can enter their phone number and click the “Call Me Back” button to request contact from you. When they do this, you’ll be notified.

Phone, SMS or WhatsApp Options

Raven App Callback Options

When your visitors request a call back, they can select their preferred method of contact whether it be a phone call, SMS message or Whatsapp message. You, as the merchant, have the ability to configure these options when you set up Raven for your store, so you can select the contact methods you’re interested in using.

One-Tap Call Back

Raven Alert Example

When you’ve been notified by email or Facebook Messenger that a visitor has requested a call back, you’re immediately given the option to contact the visitor simply through the tap of a button. All the information is forwarded to you so you can quickly and easily contact the visitor without having to search for any information.

Prepared Call Scripts

Raven App Call Back Script

Also forwarded to you at the time of call back are call scripts. These are suggested talking points that can help you get the most out of your conversation with your visitor so you’re never lost for words and you can handle you conversation efficiently and with ease. If you think you’re too shy to field calls with your visitors these suggested scripts will help you out.

Pros & Cons of Raven

Raven App Revenue Generation

The biggest advantage of using Raven for your store is that it makes it easy for ecommerce merchants to connect directly with their customers. If you were running a brick-and-mortar store you’d be able to talk to your customers face-to-face and answer their questions in person, however, as an ecommerce store these types of relationship building conversations aren’t so easy to have. With the Raven Call Back button, however, you can still have these conversations with your customers and build relationships with them.


  • Collect and store phone numbers of interested customers
  • Get reports on your converted calls so you have an idea of what the expected revenue is per call request
  • Provided with high-converting call scripts so you can be comfortable starting each conversation on the right path
  • See the top pages where your visitors are having questions or concerns
  • Let your customer choose how they want to be contacted, but you pick the options
  • Enable custom SMS or WhatsApp texts to interested customers after the call to thank them or at a later date for follow-up messages
  • Connect with customers globally through WhatsApp
  • Keep on top of customer inquiries, even when you’re on the move
  • Once you set it, you can forget it. You’re only alerted when you need to know about it


  • In order to connect with out of country customers, you’d have to have a phone plan that supports long distance calls, or use WhatsApp.
  • Raven’s a new app so there might be some details to be ironed out as the app grows
  • If you’re a large business, you may not have the time to call back each customer that requests a call back. Consider your volume of customers and whether it might be worth dedicating a team to handle your Raven customer call backs.

Raven’s Pricing

Raven is a free app to try! The first 20 requests are free, on the 21st request Raven prompts you to upgrade your plan. This means that you can test Raven out for your store and see if it works for you before investing in the monthly plan. To learn more about Raven’s pricing, check out the information on their Shopify app page.


Don’t let big box retailers win over your potential customers, start placing an importance on building relationships with your customers so they’ll be more likely to purchase from your store time and time again. By making yourself available by phone to customers who request a call back from the Raven Call Back button, you put relationship building at the forefront so you can convert more of your visitors and grow your business. If you’re interested in learning more about the Raven app, or the Scout Cart Recovery App, you can contact Ahmad from the team through email at ai@connectwithscout.com or by phone at (833)-600-0071.

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