The “Fearless Girl” statue will no longer stare down “Charging Bull”

The “Fearless Girl” statue will no longer stare down “Charging Bull”

“Fearless Girl” was created by artist Kristen Visbaland placed in front of Arturo Di Modica’s iconic “Charging Bull” in Bowling Green plaza to celebrate 2017’s International Women’s Day. The statue became an instant global sensation for drawing attention to the lack of gender diversity in the male-dominated financial industry. But one person who wasn’t a fan of the statue–or at least its placement, was “Charging Bull” artist Arturo Di Modica.

Since “Fearless Girl” was installed in front of his iconic bull statue, Di Modica has fought to get it moved, stating that the statue was little more than an advertising gimmick (“Fearless Girl” was commission by State Street Global Advisors to highlight their “gender diversity index” fund) and claimed it also changed the meaning of his statue, making the bull not an image of prosperity, but a villainous creature.

Now State Street Global Advisors has announced it is working with the New York City mayor’s office to move “Fearless Girl” from Bowling Green plaza closer to the New York Stock Exchange by the end of 2018, reports CNBC. SSGA has not commented on whether Di Modica’s rejection is behind the move, only saying that it hopes “Fearless Girl’s” move closer to the NYSE will encourage more companies to diversify their boards. Since “Fearless Girl” was installed, more than 150 companies have added a female director to their boards.

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