Twitter’s Q1 earnings by the numbers

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Twitter’s Q1 earnings by the numbers

Twitter has released its Q1 earnings report and the company can now boast that it’s had its second profitable quarter in a row. Here’s how Twitter’s Q1 numbers break down:

  • Revenue totaled $665 million–a 21% year-over-year increase
  • Advertising revenue totaled $575 million, an increase of 21% YOY
  • U.S. revenue totaled $347 million, an increase of 2% YOY
  • International revenue totaled $318 million, a massive increase of 53% YOY
  • Daily Active Users (DAU) grew 10% year-over-year
  • Monthly Active Users (MAU) totaled 336 million, a 3% increase

As you can see from the stats above, one of the most impressive numbers was Twitter’s international revenue. It totaled $318 million–a staggering increase of 53%. In contrast, Twitter’s U.S. revenue only grew by 2%. In a statement accompanying Twitter’s numbers, CEO Jack Dorsey said:

“The first quarter was a strong start to the year. We grew our audience and engagement, marking another quarter of double digit year-over-year DAU growth, and continued our work to make it easier to follow topics, interests, and events on Twitter. We also introduced a new framework to think more cohesively about the issues affecting our service, including information quality and safety. This holistic approach will help us more effectively address these challenges by viewing them through the broader lens of the health of the public conversation, and we’re encouraged by our initial progress in this area.”

Twitter also said it made “meaningful progress in our ongoing safety and information quality work in Q1.” “Information quality” refers to the quality of the content posted on Twitter. Any spam or abuse, for example, would be classified as low information quality, while useful and engaging content is considered high information quality. Improvements in information quality could lead toward increased usage of the site, resulting in more DAUs and MAUs–and thus increased ad revenue.