“Westworld” recap: The five easiest ways to catch up on Season 1

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“Westworld” recap: The five easiest ways to catch up on Season 1


Wait, what happened at the end of the first season again?

We know there was mayhem and a lot of characters got shot, but the last time we saw Westworld was in December 2016, which is a really long time ago in the TV-watching universe. After more than 16 months, HBO’s sci-fi epic is finally returning tonight for Season Two. But if you’re like a lot of viewers (including me), you’re going to need a refresher to help you remember where the series left off.

I’ve rounded up a few of the best recap options below:

  • HBO’s four-minute recap video: This is probably your best bet. HBO posted a YouTube video that very quickly takes you through the entire season, reminding you about all the major plot points you forgot. Watch it here.
  • Time magazine’s recap: If character-driven explainers are more your thing, this one does a pretty good job of going through each major character and looking at their Season One arc. Read it here.
  • Wikipedia: While the online dictionary is not always the most reliable source, TV synopses on the site tend to be written by rabid fans who know their stuff. Case in point: The Wikipedia page for Westworld‘s finale includes an editor’s note that says, “This episode’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.” Exactly what we want to see. Read it here.
  • Reddit: While we’re on the topic of rabid fans, you will not find a more dedicated lot than the redditors on the /r/westworld subreddit. Check it out here.
  • Just re-watch the finale: Not my favorite option since it involves surrendering 90 minutes of your life, but re-watching the entire finale might be the most emotionally satisfying way to get you in the mood for tonight’s premiere. HBO has more information here.