International SEO Consultant


International SEO Consultancy

If you’re a New Zealand business looking to make the step to expand into new markets getting the SEO fundamentals right from day one can pay dividends in the long run ensuring you not only target the right search terms for international markets but that you also have the correct technical SEO elements in place to drive your business forward in international search engines.

It’s no longer as simple as turning a switch and hoping for the best you now need a full international strategy and implementation plan to properly succeed online. This includes having the correct translated search terms on your website to further drive organic performance.

SEO Growth Hacking

Growing Your International SEO Traffic

I’ve been involved in a range of international SEO projects with some of the leading brands who have decided to expand into other markets to drive business performance.

My experience has allowed me to work across a range of markets from European countries to conducting full expansions and strategies which cover the whole South Pacific.

Being a fulltime freelance international SEO consultant I can provide your business with the information and recommended optimisations to ensure your website is not only technically sound for Google but is also targeted to the right search terms to provide long-term organic growth.