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Auckland, New Zealand

I’m a fully qualified Shopify SEO expert and can help you take your ecommerce website to the next level improving keyword rankings and online sales. Shopify has become one of the most commonly used shopping cart solutions with its nearest competitor BigCommerce responsible for 90,000 companies worldwide. I can help optimise your Shopify website to help deliver success across a range of search engines including Google & Bing.

With over 10 years overall SEO experience and over 5 years eCommerce I can help consult on your current Shopify website to help deliver phenomenal results in the process.

The Consultancy Services I Can Help With!

I can help identify some of the most common SEO issues with your current Shopify website and help resolve these and improve your current SEO performance. I can help optimise your full website and implement the best SEO practices to help you succeed online from correctly reviewing keyword usage to driving site authority and ultimately driving revenue and sales for your store.

As part of the overall plan I can help deliver a full Shopify SEO Checklist ensuring your therefore have all the common elements optimised for long term success. I’ll then continually work hand in hand with you to drive success and identify new areas for improvement.

My Shopify SEO consultancy services will then help support building strong links to your website with the intention of attracting relevant customers to your site, who are likely to make conversions


Shopify typically has some hygiene issues with page titles and meta descriptions. I can help deliver and optimise a range of page titles that will help your Shopify store improve


Having a strong website which allows Google and other major search engines to find the core content and pages throughout your website is vital for long term organic growth. I will conduct a full technical audit documenting all areas of your website which could benefit from improvements


My Image optimisation services and audit will review all the current image tags and elements within your eCommerce site and provide clear recommendations on changes that should be made to make sure you have the best chance of driving traffic from Google image search.


E-Commerce Shopify websites containing have great potential to naturally drive long tail search traffic once the correct optimisations have been made. I can help optimise core landing pages for the correct search terms and drive your overall organic traffic.