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Kia Ora, I’m Kevin Wiles a freelance SEO Consultant & link building contractor helping companies in Auckland, Wellington & Hamilton drive there website performance online. I’ve been helping companies in New Zealand improve organic performance and visibility for over 6 years.

From e-commerce, technical SEO or larger retained based projects I have helped companies in a diverse range of industries grow online improving organic traffic and more importantly conversions including Les Mills & Air New Zealand. If you’re on the lookout for a Freelance SEO contractor who can support your next project then get in touch today and find out how I can assist.


Kevin is quite simply the best technical SEO that I have ever worked with. Kevin worked for me for a short time when I ran the New Zealand office of iProspect. At the time we had several global SEO clients including Air New Zealand and Les Mills International, that required a mix of heavy technical SEO thinking and implementation.

Kevin is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to use all of his knowledge and experience in developing some incredibly smart and forward-thinking recommendations and strategies for his clients. If you are looking for someone to turbo-charge your SEO efforts then look no further to Kevin Wiles.

Alex Radford, GM iProspect, New Zealand

Let’s Improve Your SEO Visibility & Profit

An SEO consultant you can trust and count on!

Finding the right SEO  Contractor for your business can be a tough task, ensuring they can not only deliver the results but also have your strategic business goals at the heart of every campaign.

A lot of companies invest in agency relationships to ensure they have a regular contact to speak to and share ideas around there business however what a lot of companies don’t realize is finding the right SEO consultant can not only provide this value but also a lot more and at a fraction of the regular cost of an agency.

Search Engine Optimisations

With over 7 years’ experience in SEO I can help and support in all elements of search engine optimisation.


I can offer a range of boutique and unique SEO consultancy services suited to your individual business needs.

Technical SEO Audits

Full in-depth technical audits custom made for your website. Find out underlying issues which could be holding you back in search.

Website Migrations

Considering a new website? I can help conduct and plan a full website migration to ensure your website traffic doesn’t drop

Keyword Research

Looking to expand your reach? I can help identify new opportunities to help drive your organic search performance forward

Penalty Recovery

Suffering from a Google Algorithm penalty? I can help identify the issues and clean these up to ensure you gain organic traffic again

Complete Transparency

I believe in offering complete transparency in all the digital marketing and SEO services I offer. Therefore, I can integrate into your business using your main internal project management tool while delivering clear and concise reporting to highlight improvements made throughout that month to your SEO campaign.

My clear approach allows you to have access to reports instantly at any time and any place throughout each month through an online dashboard.  If you’re looking for someone who can become an addition to your agency as a white label freelance support or someone to help improve internal processes or assist with the next big SEO project, then get in touch today.

Passionate Geek

Ask anyone who has worked alongside me and you’ll hear the words geek, passionate, ambitious & driven thrown around! I’m constantly learning and finding out about the latest Google Algorithm which means your search campaign will be forever at the forefront of Google’s best practices.

Covering the whole of New Zealand but with a strong focus on improving the organic exposure for companies in Auckland & Wellington, you can rest assured you have the very best advice and continual improvements for your brand website.

As a freelance consultant, I am passionate about ensuring my standards and quality of work are always delivered to the highest of standards.


Collaborative Approach

Working with a Warwickshire based freelancer has a lot of benefits not only will you have a passionate geek on hand to answer any of your questions but you also have the ability to improve your organic website presence with minimum disruption to your business.

A lot of the website once a brief and core KPI metrics have been agreed you can sit back and focus on what is important while I go away and drive new traffic and conversions to your website. I can almost guarantee a meaningful increase in the sessions delivered to your website, which will over time help drive conversions and sales.

Budget Control

As I have a complete transparency approach to SEO your be able to control the costs of your budget continuously, with clear metric reports and project management your be able to account for every penny being spent on your SEO campaign along with the correct attribution in Google Analytics to see just exactly what conversions are been drive via search.

I’m confident that I’ll be able to help with your next SEO project whatever that might be and be able to bring my experience and skills on board to increase your brand’s online organic exposure and performance. If you’re looking for someone to help drive your online performance do not hesitate to get in touch and find out how I might be able to assist.
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