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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest ways you can make improvements to your business and drive revenue and sales. As a full time, SEO contractor/consultant I can help deliver a range of SEO services to drive your business forward. From one of SEO campaigns to monthly SEO Retainers, I can be on hand to help support your online growth.

SEO is someway of a dark art, however, I can be on hand to help develop a strong SEO strategy which will be designed to not only deliver results but ensure those results can be sustained over a long period of time continually driving performance for your business online.

I’ve been delivering SEO strategies and campaigns for over 8 years and spent all of 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand helping some of the biggest brands such as The Warehouse, Air New Zealand & Trust Power drive performance online through the latest SEO Strategies.

This experience has allowed me to have the freedom to now work with a range of businesses throughout the Auckland & Wellington and help these companies driver SEO performance online. I’m passionate about not just my own business but also the results I can help deliver to your business and helping you grow online with the latest SEO techniques.

I’m a full SEO geek and like to keep up to date with the latest algorithm updates from Google to ensure the marketing strategies I am delivering are always in line with recommended best practices.

As I understand the limitations smaller companies have I can not only deliver a full strategy but also work hand in hand each month to ensure the recommendations provided can be implemented either by myself or working with your 3rd party web development team.

I manage SEO & digital marketing campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the Auckland & Wellington region and can work to strict budgets and deliver maximum results. I’d love to meet for a coffee and discuss how I can help your business drive success throughout New Zealand.

Local SEO

If you’re a local business or a business who covers a range of locations I can help you increase organic traffic and conversions online. Having a strong local presence and dominating the local search listings is vital to drive organic traffic. I’ll help to ensure your website can be found locally allowing you to drive your business forward throughout the Auckland & New Zealand area.

Technical SEO

Having a strong website which allows Google and other major search engines to find the core content and pages throughout your website is vital for long term organic growth. I will conduct a full technical audit documenting all areas of your website which could benefit from improvements.

Website Audits

Continually optimising and reviewing the current SEO health of your website can yield great results, a simple SEO audit will review your current content, technical elements, and core link building assets to help provide you with the right information and direction to drive your local organic traffic throughout Auckland, Wellington & Hamilton, New Zealand


Looking to learn more about SEO? I can help deliver a range of SEO training helping you gain the skills and knowledge to not only drive your own organic traffic over time but also allow you to continually attract new customers throughout Warwickshire who are looking for your services and products.


If you’re looking for continually growth and improvements on your website. I can help deliver a full consultancy service which will ensure your website presence is always improved over time ensuring all the core elements of your website are improved over time. I can deliver a range of high-level SEO services to help get your website on track.

Competitor Analysis

I can help you investigate your online competition and find new keywords and content elements which could be re-created to further help drive organic traffic and improve brand awareness. This competitor analysis can identify any potential topics to focus on allowing you to drive organic traffic.