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Improving your website performance with a Shopify SEO Expert
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Do you need an expert Shopify SEO consultant to help you drive your online ecommerce performance? I am a fully qualified Shopify SEO expert and can help you take your ecommerce website to the next level improving keyword rankings and online sales.

Shopify has become one of the most used ecommerce shopping cart solutions with its nearest competitor BigCommerce responsible for 90,000 companies worldwide. I can help optimise your Shopify website to help deliver success across a range of search engines including Google & Bing.

My comprehensive and authentic SEO audit of your Shopify site comes hand-in-hand with intensive discussion around best changes to make to improve your online sales. Your brand message counts and my thorough SEO roadmap approach delivers the right recommendations needed to drive performance.

Increase SEO Visibility

Increase your organic (SEO) visibility online and get found through the right search terms in Google.

Drive New Customers

Attract new customers who are actively researching and ready to purchase your products online.

Increase Online Revenue

Push your revenue and sales to new heights with a well rounded Shopify eCommerce SEO strategy


I can help identify some of the most common SEO issues with your Shopify website and provide a detailed plan of action on how these can be improved to drive your traffic and organic revenue.

I can help optimise your full website and implement the best SEO practices to help you succeed online from correctly reviewing keyword usage to driving site authority and ultimately driving revenue and sales for your store.

As part of the plan I can help deliver a full Shopify SEO Checklist ensuring your therefore have all the common elements optimised for long term success. I’ll then continually work hand in hand with you to drive success and identify new areas for improvement.

My Shopify SEO consultancy services will then help support building strong links to your website with the intention of attracting relevant customers to your site, who are likely to make conversions

Although I can not only help with developing a full eCommerce SEO Strategy for revenue growth I can help with other elements within Shopify, although as outlined Shopify is a great eCommerce platform for a range of reasons, but it does have some fall backs.

I can help to identify and resolve common SEO problems Shopify presents out of the box while adding additional elements to help drive your current organic performance. This can also include ensuring the current site is fully optimised from a technical SEO perspective.

The most common elements are ensuring that the content and category pages your customers are searching for can be found within your Shopify store. I can help continually monitor and alter content throughout your store to guarantee it is more relevant and recognisable than your competitors and will help drive eCommerce sales.

Once all this has been done my effort typically switches to become more authority lead ensuring your have new high quality links from 3rd party sites that will drive the overall relevant and further improve your current positioning within search.


Shopify typically has some hygiene issues with page titles and meta descriptions. I can help deliver and optimise a range of page titles that will help your Shopify store improve


Having a strong website which allows Google and other major search engines to find the core content and pages throughout your website is vital for long term organic growth. I will conduct a full technical audit documenting all areas of your website which could benefit from improvements.


E-Commerce Shopify websites containing have great potential to naturally drive long tail search traffic once the correct optimisations have been made. I can help optimise core landing pages for the correct search terms and drive your overall organic traffic.


Shopify is the latest and greatest eCommerce store platform based in the cloud. Loved by all start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises selling things online. This Canadian brainchild is based in Ottawa, Ontario yet used all around the world. When you choose Shopify, you get a host of services including “ payments, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools to simplify the process of running an online store for small merchants.

Shopify like many other platforms has some limitations in terms of SEO and the best practices, however it is dependent on optimising all areas for the correct search terms and implementing all best practices. According to eCommerce Platforms research Shopify is one of the best entry level eCommerce and SEO platforms.

Shopify product tags do not impact your overall SEO performance in Google. This feature is provided to organise and optimise products within the main Shopify platform. If your eCommerce site lists the product tags on the product page, these might become page content that Google will read.

You can do your own Shopify SEO improvements, and these are typically broken down into 10 core elements which are outlined below. We’d recommend learning all of these before trying to make optimisations to your Shopify site.

  • Master Keyword Research.
  • Understand Your Competition.
  • Plan Your Site.
  • Optimize Your Site.
  • Produce Regular Content.
  • DIY Public Relations.
  • Build Your Social Media Network.
  • Understand Google Analytics.
  • Develop your SEO Experience
  • Request your free Shopify SEO Audit

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Typically my Shopify services for delivering a technical audit on your online eCommerce store begin from £299 for an audit depending on the overall size of you eCommerce site and the amount of template pages involved.