Technical SEO Audits

Drive traffic and revenue to your website by optimising how Google and other search engines find and index your content.



A technical SEO audit can be a great way to get a full overview of all the current issues and improvements which should be made on your website to help drive SEO performance.

A full technical audit will give you specific actions to take that will actually ensure you’re on the right track to driving incremental performance from SEO.


As an experienced technical SEO consultant I have my own range a strict process which has been adapted over time using some of the leading industry tools such as Sistrix, DeepCrawl, Sitebulb, Botify, Screaming Frog and many more to provide a full picture of all the current potential issues which might be holding you back from seeing the true growth your website deserves.


First, I spend time getting to know your site and the core competitors, previous activity and getting access to relevant tools


Once I have this data, I’ll begin a detailed audit process aimed at uncover ing all the potential issues which could be holding your website back.


Depending on who will support in implementing some of the core recommendations I will deliver the report and accompanying PDF file to relevant stakeholders

Actionable Tasks & Recommendations

All of my audits are usually delivered in a detail sheet format with specific actions. I use specific checklists and manual reviews to identify potential issues which might be causing impacts. I have a full suite of SEO tools such as DeepCrawl, Ahrefs & SiteBulb that I use to help identify new SEO issues.

My technical SEO audit provides actions in plain English that for smaller clients I can support in implementing or for larger enterprise SEO clients I can support in creating a range of JIRA tickets to help ensure you have a full project roadmap of actions.

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