Technical SEO

An introduction to my
Technical SEO Consultant

Struggling to get your website found in google but feel like you have all the right content to attract your customers? A full technical SEO audit can help uncover some technical SEO issues which might be impacting your current SEO performance.

A full website audit will review all of the core elements which potentially could be preventing Google and other major search engines from finding your website. Regardless if you have a small WordPress based website like more or run an eCommerce site on something like Shopify or SalesForce a full audit can help give you clear direction as to what SEO optimisations should be made to improve your organic traffic and visibility.

My Technical SEO Experience

I come from a full service agency background having worked on a range of technical SEO projects for clients including Nestle & Les Mills. I’m based in Birmingham, West Midlands although cover all of the UK with my range of SEO consultancy services.

Since beginning my SEO career back in 2008 I have provided a broad range of technical SEO audits & recommendations. I’ve also consulted to a range of local companies on getting the most out of there website with Google by delivering in depth technical SEO audits covering a range of sites from lead generation to Shopify SEO audits.

Technical SEO Consultancy Services

I can offer a range of technical SEO services including full website audits which will help your business identify core issues which might be impacting your organic visibility. I can also help resolve these issues identified and work with your internal team to help remove any blockages which could be impacting the performance of your website.

Each technical SEO audit delivered is provided with a clear actionable spreadsheet providing clear guidance on how to resolve the issue at hand, combined with this all issues are ranked in order of importance allowing you to work through all the items which will have the biggest impact on organic search first.

These full audits can also be carried out on a development instance ensuring you don’t push your website live with some fundamental issues which might prevent the correct indexation of core pages.

What is a Technical SEO Audit?

A technical SEO Audit is the process of reviewing your website to identify elements which can be worked on in-line with Google’s best practices to improve your organic performance. A full website audit will review all factors which could be impacting your performance all findings are then delivered in a document with clear actions allowing your web development team to implement and improve your SEO.

A full technical audit should form a solid part of your overall SEO strategy.


The following should help answer any questions you might have on if you think your website needs an SEO audit. If you’re looking to learn more about SEO be sure to check over my what is SEO section.

  • Have you seen a decline in traffic from Organic Search?
  • Has your site recently seen a nose dive in conversions?
  • Are there any messages from Google?
  • Has the site never been updated in line with Google recommendations?
  • Has the site seen a decline since a public announcement from Google?
  • Would you just like to know you are doing everything right?
  • Have you recently done development work?


I use a range of industry-leading tools to gather data and insights needed to make the best recommendation possible on how you can improve your technical SEO. All the website audits I conduct highlight every area which could be improved or pose a potential technical issue for Google and how you and your development team can improve these for better visibility in search.

This means your development team has the most thorough information to make a data-backed decision on how to improve your website while helping educate your development team on the importance of technical SEO.

I’ve performed technical audits for companies of all sizes some of which have undergone a full international launch and are looking to ensure the recommended best practices by Google are followed.

I approach technical SEO audits with one simple focus to ensure your website has every possible element resolved to ensure your long-term SEO growth is not impacted. To ensure I can deliver the best SEO audit all I usually need access to is Google Search Console & Google Analytics which will help give me more data and insights on how to audit your website.

If you’d like more information on how I can help with a range of technical audits and migrations then please do not hesitate to get in touch and I’d happily provide some examples of audits previously carried out.


If it’s unclear how a technical SEO audit might be able to help your business the below will show some of the common use cases for various company sizes.

Small businesses can benefit from a full website audit and typically working with a freelancer allows you to have a skilled specialist on hand to deliver a range of technical recommendations that will drive your overall performance.

My typical approach to auditing smaller sites is to identify “Low Cost, high reward” items that are likely to have a more immediate impact without needing huge amounts of development work.

As most smaller websites are based on Shopify or WordPress I can usually for an additional cost help support with the implementation of these recommendations.

If you’re a medium based website typically over time lots of changes will have taken place leaving plenty of opportunity for a full technical audit to un-cover new areas for improvement and growth.

A full SEO audit will un-cover lots of low hanging fruit opportunities for technical improvements that will almost certainly have an improvement on your bottom line performance.

Having had previous experience with brands such as Heineken, Nestle, Les Mills & Air New Zealand I know some of the custom systems and issues that can exist within larger enterprise & FMCG brands.

A full audit for an enterprise site can be delivered in a simple way that all members can understand and digest the opportunity available from brand managers to the full development team.